Delta Airlines: Is It Safe To Travel With An Airline With 90% Vaccinated Employees?

Delta Airlines is one of the major Airlines from the United States, headquartered in Georgia. In a recent interview with ‘Squawk Box’ the CEO of the Airlines, Mr Bastian said that about 90% of the staff that is roughly 80,000 employees of the company are vaccinated against the Covid-19 Virus even though the company is not requiring the employees to get vaccinated, but it does impose a $200 monthly surcharge on unvaccinated employees and requires them to be tested weekly for COVID-19.
“We haven’t done it with a mandate, we have done it working collaboratively with our people, trusting our people to make the right decisions for themselves, respecting their decisions, but at the same time avoiding the divisiveness of what the mandate is posing to society.”
Even though the employees don’t need to get the shot, 90% of the employees are vaccinated and Bastian also claimed that by the end of this month 95% of the employees will be vaccinated.
But as nearly all the major Airlines mandate the vaccination for their employee’s people are having double thoughts about travelling with Delta. Here are some tweets by Twitter users on this news.
“Very efficient.  Delta only needs 10% of staff to expose all their passengers to infectious viruses,” tweeted a fellow twitter on this news.

“Wonderful. Let me know when they get to 100%. Until then I’m flying United.”