Demise Of Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Honored Artist Ruthie Tompson

Disney legend Ruthie Tompson deceased at the age of 111. Ruthie Tompson has worked in Walt Disney for almost 40 years.

Ruth Irene Tompson also known as Ruthie Tompson born on July 22, 1910, was an American artist, Camera technician, and photographer who reached the age of 110.
Ruthie Tompson died on Sunday at the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s Country House and Hospital in Woodland Hills, announced by a Disney spokesperson.

Ruthie Tompson got to know Walt Disney and Roy while visiting her neighbour. The location of The Walt Disney Company, then known as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, was near her home. She also stated in an interview that she used to be invited into the office as she used to stand outside and watch them work through the window.
At the age of 18, Tompson started working at Dubrock’s Riding Academy. After a while, Walt Disney offered her a job as an inker. After finishing her training as an inker she was transformed to the Paint Department. In Paint Department, she helped in Disney’s Snow White and the seven drawfs.
She worked on several Disney films and after that, she was promoted to the final checker position where she reviewed animation cels before they were photographed onto film. She continued working for Disney and was promoted to Animation checker in WWII. She worked on training and education films, for the U.S Armed Forces, starring Disney characters such as Mickey, Donald Duck, and Goofy during WWII.
She also worked in the camera department where Camera moves were developed and mechanisms to shoot animation.
In 40 years of her career at Disney, she received honor and has great achievements. She became one of the first three women admitted into the International Photographers Union, Local 659 of the IATSE. She continued working through the studio ranks and became the supervisor of the screen planning department.
She retired in 1975 after almost working 40 years for THE Walt Disney company.
Ruthie Tompson was the oldest member of Women in Animation.
She was honoured with Disney Legends Awards in 2000 for her work at Walt Disney Studios by the Disney Legend program.
In 2017, Ruthie was honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for her contributions to the animation industry. In July 2020, Tompson became a supercentenarian.

She died on October 10, 2021, at the age of 111.

Some of Ruthie Tompson’s notable work:-

Snow White and the seven dwarfs.
Sleeping Beauty
The Lord of the Rings