Different basic breads and their names you need to know

There are multiple types of bread that we eat regularly as a complementary food with any curry, bread is also a very useful and crucial ingredient to make munchies like samdwiches, bruschetta, many more dishes that we use bread in. But it is important to note the difference between each type of bread because all of them are made for different purposes and you need to have an understanding of basic bread.

1. White Bread :

Normal white bread is very common we use it regularly in breakfast and also in evening snacks time. White bread is an integral part of any household it is made from wheat flour and the whole loaf is baked and cut into slices and after this, you can use this bread anywhere you wish to.

2. Crisp Bread :

Crispbread is quite uncommon and its use is a bit confined to some continents. Crispbread is a flat piece of dough baked until it is crisp and then after this, you can spread your favourite spread like mayonnaise, pizza sauce or anything and top with olives and cherry tomatoes.

3. Naan :

Naan is an Indian flatbread that is served with gravy ( Sabzi ) of any kind. And in countries, like Pakistan and Afghanistan  Naan is a very famous type of flatbread there is a lot of stuffing that you can add to Naan, like garlic, chilli butter, stuffed Naan. Naan complements everything.

4. Rye Bread :

Rye Bread is different from all the bread we have discussed above, to make rye bread you need to mix rye grain flour with some all-purpose flour and then the rest of the recipe is the same. Rye Bread is not so popular in Asian countries. It is Europe originated bread and European use it a lot in their dishes.