Different types of doughnuts and their names you must know

There are so many of us who can die for doughnuts but do we know that every doughnut has a separate identity but we call every doughnut, A doughnut! irrespective of its size, glazing and flavour. So, let us here be aware of a different kind of doughnut so that you will not confuse next time in a bakery when you go to buy dozens of doughnuts for yourself.

1. Long John Doughnut :

Long John Donut is very popular in America it is moulded and baked in a rectangle shape and glazed with chocolate spread or vanilla glaze. It is also known as an éclair or éclair doughnut. And two long John doughnuts are enough to calm down your mid-day craving.

2. Glazed Twisted Doughnut :

As the name is, a Glazed twisted doughnut is innovated by an inspiration from the braid. Three parts of doughnuts are made and three of them is stretched and tied in a form of a braid then it is baked and glazed with vanilla cream or maple syrup once it is fried till golden brown.

3. French Cruller Doughnut :

French cruller doughnut is a perfect example of the excellence of pastry chefs because one need to be a master of pastry to make this complicated pastry. The dough of the doughnut is twisted and deep-fried in oil and dusted with caster sugar.

4. Wonut :

Wonut is a combination doughnut, it is a combination of a waffle and doughnut this doughnut is made from a batter of waffle and dough of doughnuts after giving it a shape of doughnuts I’m mould of waffle it is glazed with interesting and flavorful and with sprinklers.