Disease X: The world needs to brace for yet another pandemic

As the world is currently dealing with the most disastrous pandemic in human history, COVID-19, the possibility of another cannot be ruled out. One year into tackling the pandemic, we still have a lot of questions than answers.

Disease X is not a specific name given to a disease rather it is a name given to all unidentified viruses lying dormant in the South-African rainforest that can potentially trigger a global pandemic. Disease X is the latest addition to the top priority list published by the World Health Organization alongside 9 other diseases. The idea of Disease-X is to make sure that adequate care is given in averting any such future occurrence. India is one of the most vulnerable countries when it comes to pandemic risk. The annual budget allocated to R&D in the health department is 2100 crore for FY21, which is very low in comparison to our coequal nations. It is imperative to invest and improve the health and R&D department. A step in the right direction can act as a deterrence to a future pandemic, and it’s high time we act accordingly!