DO NOT Miss these 8 intriguing short films on YouTube

Listing some very influential short films from YouTube, the details and the twists will leave you awestruck.

1) Devi

A group of ladies of different ages, different backgrounds and families are forced to live in a small room. At the start of the film, the doorbell rings and they start fighting about how overcrowded the place is and they won’t accept the newcomer.
You’ll surely get goosebumps when it’s revealed who these ladies are and how they ended up there.

2) School Bag

It’s a story about the 2014 Peshawar school massacre. A schoolboy, Farooq lives with his Single Mother (Rasika Duggal) in Peshawar, Pakistan. He asks for a school bag on his 7th birthday and says he won’t go to school if he doesn’t get the Scool Bag. His mother surprises him with a school bag on his birthday and he happily goes to the school with his new bag but fate has something else planned for him.

3) Imdaad

Megha is in desperate need of help as she had her untimely periods and is now stuck in a deserted school bathroom. There’s no one to help her, the school lectures are going on. When Imdaad a senior boy of standard 10th comes in the hallway to hide as he’s bunking the class. Will she asks for his help? And even he wants to help how will he?

4) Suno

This film starring Sumeet Vyas and Amrita Puri is a Social Message to the world about “The Consent.” when an experimental night in bed ends with a mark on wife’s face, she tries to hide it from her neighbours and colleagues but everyone ends up thinking that the man is a wife-beater and so the wife gets an invitation to a support group by their neighbour Mrs Dawar and she attends the meeting and starts thinking that something is very wrong with her marital life.

5) Tindey

It’s a funny story of Kranti, a middle-aged man who’s fed up with his marital life is introduced to a dating app called Tindey and tries to have an extramarital affair with a young girl, Molly whose intents are something else.

6) Juice

This short film revolves around a housewife Manju Singh. When her husband arranges a get together on a summer night. Manju works in the kitchen the whole evening in the preparation of dinner, while the men sit in the drawing-room, drinking in front of the cooler, Manju does an unexpected thing which will make us think about the situation of women in the majority of households in India.

7) You changed me

When a taxi driver is assigned for the duty of pick and drop of a Young office going woman, his life changes when they start talking and she unknowingly inspire him to follow his dreams.

8) Kanika

It’s a story, where a female officer is reading a letter about why she was running away with a stranger who might be a molester. But things change when they find out whose letter is that.

These short films will leave you with a lot of questions, not about the plot or the story but the world where we live in. Watch all of them and tell us which one you found the most intriguing.