Dominos achieves new milestone: Has 1500 restaurants registered in India now

Domino’s opened its first pizza shop in Indi in New Delhi in 1996.

Domino’s was started in 1960 Richard Allison in America. Slowly with time, Domino’s is available all over the world. People love Domino’s pizza for its pricing and taste. Domino’s entered India  in 1996 with its first restaurant in New Delhi. With time domino’s is available all over the country in every state. Indians love Domino’s and can’t seem to have enough of it.

Yesterday Domino’s inaugurated its 1500th store in the Sky Mark building in Noida. Jubilant Foodworks who holds the master franchise for Domino’s India announced on Monday, 1st February, that Domino’s opened its 1500th store in India yesterday. Domino’s started a campaign to celebrate this milestone. Domino’s provided 1500 free pizzas for the followers of their social media accounts with the tagline ” Raise A Slice To 1500″.

Domino’s gained immense popularity in 2004 when it introduced its “30 min delivery guarantee” offer. The offer meant that if you don’t receive your pizza in under 30mins for ordering it you will get the pizza free. This offer created hype in the minds of us Indians. Indians started to order pizzas hoping to get free pizzas every time. Domino’s managed to create the brand name in the minds of the customers.

Domino’s said that the new campaign would be only for those people who follow their social media accounts. To ensure that the social media accounts of Domino’s went private for one day. The hype for Domino’s in India now cannot be matched. Many pizza companies are there in the market like Pizza Hut, SBarro, Oven Story Pizza, and many more but Domino’s is  leading all of them.

We hope to see Domino’s in more cities in the future as the quality price and taste of Domino’s is such that no company provides.