Dominos new dare challenge for everyone, try your luck now

India’s favourite pizza outlet, Dominos is very adored by the buffs for its new and exciting flavours of pizza with quality and time and service efficiency, and to remain in this place of the heart of people dominos cconsistently work harder to introduce new flavours frequently and new offers especially when it is the festive season going, Dominos is more conscious of its marketing strategy and proposed a scheme or challenge for everyone. Where Dominos give some kind of dares and those who will complete all the 11 dares are announced as winners and stand a chance to win dominos richer worth Rs. 5000/- and lucky 20 winners can have this.

Dare 1. As prescribed by dominos first dare is to call the last failed number and convince them to buy a pizza.

Dare 2.  Share 5 excuses to order Domino’s pizza this Diwali.

Dare 3.  – Dumb Charades time! Let’s see how you explain ‘Peppy Paneer Pizza’ to your family!

Dare 4.  How many Domino’s pizza can you name in one breath?

Dare 5. Tongue Twister Time!No breaks, no breaths, say 10 times. Diya, Dil, Dosti, Diwali, Dominos.

Dare 6. How many gulab jamuns can you eat in 10 seconds?

Dare 7. Take a sip of water, hold it, don’t drink yet and say: Cheese vaali Diwali hoti hai happy Diwali.

Dare 8. Call your crush and wish them Happy Diwali in cheesiest way possible.

Dare 9. Tell a cheesy joke. Remember: the chessier, the better!

Dare 10. Convince the most shy member to dance during the Diwali party.

Dare 11 . Guess the gibberish! Iss diwa lee Do Me knows see bath her chow ice caw hen mill eggy.