Donald Trump, a Former US President, has Published a set of NFTs Featuring Himself as Superheroes

Trump distributed the cards on Friday, December 16 and is attempting to gather money to run for President of the United States in 2024 on behalf of the Republican Party once more. The $99 cards, which have Trump dressed as everyone from a Nascar winner to Superman to an astronaut, are only sold online through a website dedicated to that purpose. Strangely, some news organisations are claiming as of Saturday, December 17, that he has already raised more than $500,000. This is despite the fact that the limited edition cards have already been sold out.

Trump is presently trailing De Santis by a wide margin in the polls and is now dealing with further legal problems as the January 6 commission tries to file charges. Trump has a large following of admirers who continue to hang on to his every word and are eager for his return despite his age and legal difficulties, despite the fact that many people will mock him and his superhero cards.

This week, Donald Trump’s social network, Truth Social, which was popular with Jimmy Kimmel, inexplicably gave away the details of his “major surprise.” Stephen Colbert and other talk show hosts have attempted to offer their perspectives in response to similar releases. Where they attempted to make light of the act of creating NFT by characterising it as nothing, pricey for what it is and quoted Donald Trump as “Since he’s running for president, he must be some sort of crypto dude! Additionally, we already have subpoenas, which are like trading cards for Donald Trump.” Stephan remarked that this action was “cards against our sanity.”