Don’t forget to add these exciting Pakistani Recipes to your dinner party

Food from Pakistan is very famous in non vegetarian dishes the recipes from Pakistani cuisine is quite fascinating. The exciting flavours of asian species in different types of curries with fluffy cooked tandoori naan and munchies like to seekh kebabs and other different types of kebabs are integral of Pakistani cuisine which you must try at least once.

1. Keema Naan :

Keema naan is like paratha of Punjab, Keema is minced meat or chicken which is combined with many peppers and peppers like turmeric, chilli, coriander powder and added some and while keema is cooked and once it is cool down then it is stuffed in paratha dough and flattened by rolling pin and cooked from both sides.

2. Pakistani Pakora :

Pakistani pakora (fritters) is a batter of cornflour powder on which you have to add corridor seeds, chilli powder, and deep vegetables like onion and potatoes (sliced) in the batter and fry them until they turn golden brown. And serve with chutney to elevate the taste of Pakistani Pakoras.

3. Tandoori Cutlets :

Cutlets is highly nutritious and flavourful if you follow this Pakistani recipe and cutlets are also very famous in the month of Ramadan. To make cutlets you need to boil potatoes and add flour, eggs, spices, green chilli and tandoori chicken and mashed all of them well and make patties out of them and shallow fry from both sides.

4. Karachi Falooda :

Karachi Falooda is a very luscious dessert from Pakistan it is very sweet because it contains kulfi (Asian ice cream made from milk and dry fruits) with some seviyan noodle and rose syrup and falooda seeds. Falooda is served in glass ice cream first then seviyan and then sugar syrup is drizzled from the top.