The musician and visual director released a movie teaser on July 26 for his upcoming MIITO short film, which will be released on July 29 along with his debut album, “Moodswings In To Order.”

His brand-new song, “Ballroom Extravaganza,” which he released commercially shortly after the video debuted, provides the soundtrack for the new one-minute clip, which includes snatches of DPR IAN.  

He sings, “I know I won’t stop searching, For the moment where the world, Halted for you, stopped for you, Then the world came crashing down,” in the new, three-minute song.

The upcoming album, titled “MIITO,” is a continuation of the “Mito” character that first debuted in DPR IAN’s debut EP, “Moodswings In This Order,” released in March 2021 and reworded his battles with bipolar disease. The single “Nerves” and songs like “So Beautiful” and “No Blueberries,” which featured CL and DPR Live, were the record’s standout tracks.

The first single from Korean-Australian artist DPR IAN’s upcoming debut studio album, titled “Ballroom Extravaganza,” has just been released.