Durex Holds Up The Flagship For LGBTQ+Community

Bisexuality now promoted by childhood idols

DC Comics has made a big announcement that has caused a huge stir in the field of literature. In August, DC launched their set of comics series that targetted the LGBTQ+community Son of Kal-El and now the November series will hit the storyline of Jon Kent and his love interest Jay Nakamura will share a kiss. Jon Kent must find his identity. This is a huge responsibility DC COMICS has taken up creating a space for coming generations to be vocal about their sexuality.

They say- Like father like son, the son is following his father’s footsteps falling for a journalist, and for the big announcement Durex the topmost brand for condoms has been promoting a new superman.

They have taken this initiative to support the community and all communities whether homosexual or heterosexual have the right to express and love. THERE ARE ALL COLORS OF RAINBOW AND EVERY COLOR IS UNIQUE.

The new superhero is the hero for all; unbiased and non-judgment. the man of steel has always stood for hope, for truth and justice then be unjust to this community. Actually, there must be a visual going in our head that for Indian fans guys and girls must breaking their bangles and mourning because this was not at all imagined in wildest dreams. the man of chivalry and masculinity now seems queer. The new definition of masculinity is announced. DC new superman has really hit the charts for coming out. #superman and #bisexual are really trending on all social media platforms.

“I’ve always said everyone needs heroes and everyone deserves to see themselves in their heroes and I’m very grateful DC and Warner Bros share this idea,” writer Tom Taylor said.

The readers and fans have been very supportive of this decision. Some really important stuff going on in the comics world today. So happy to see Superman come out as bisexual. Representation in such an iconic franchise will set the stage for so much going forward in that industry,” wrote a fan.

Superman is far from the first openly LGBTQ comic book hero, but he is arguably the most recognizable. In June, DC and Marvel both released LGBTQ anthologies to celebrate their queer characters during Pride Month. DC’s anthology, “DC Pride,” featured out crimefighters Batwoman. Aqualad, Midnighter, Apollo, Harley Quinn, and John Constantine in stories created by LGBTQ people and allies.