Easy and popular Momos you can make at home

There is indeed something about momos, no one can resist one plate of hot momos with schezwaan chutney and mayonnaise, whether a deep friend or steam or spice sprinkled tandoori momos. Nepal is the native country of momos and now momos are very adored in India too. Different types of momos with unique stiffing are very appreciated by foodies.


1. Steamed Momos :

Steamed momos are traditional momos, stuffing made from and anything you like chicken, paneer (cottage cheese stuffed), cabbage and carrot mixed all these kinds of stiffing is stuffed in dough and steamed until the sheet is transparent. After this paneer momo is served with dips and you can also add soy sauce as a side.

2. Fried Momos :

Fried momos are nothing but another version of basic steam momos, All you need to do is follow the recipe of steam momos and cover them in breadcrumbs or marinate and fry them directly in hot oil. Once the upper layer is crispy enough to take them out. And serve hot.

3. Soup Momos :

Soup momos are not quite as famous as the steam and fried momos are, they are a twin combination of two great snacks for winters. Soups like monchow and hot and sour are prepared and then steamed momos are dropped in soup and momos are served together.

4. Wheat Momos :

Wheat momo is nothing different, all the difference between regular momos and wheat momos is their dough, Wheat momos are prepared by whole wheat flour rather than refined flour. And the rest of the preparation is the same and the taste too. Moreover, wheat momos are healthier than regular steam momos.