Elon Musk Claims that Paid Social Media Will Become ‘The Only Social Media That Matters

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, has a revamped subscription service that he believes would address both the company’s bot and income issues simultaneously. Twitter announced its plan to remove “legacy” verification checkmarks in the app this week, meaning users who are not paying for a blue tick.
Which is improbable, no matter how excited Musk might be about the initiative.

To recap, Elon announced his new vision for Twitter Blue as part of his first moves in taking control of the service, charging $8 for verification checkmarks in the app, something that many users have yearned for access to for years.

This is the aspect that Elon seems to have overestimated; throughout all of his interactions and remarks, Musk conveys the impression that he is incredibly well-liked by the general public, believes he has a better understanding of common people than other billionaires and that he shares their common sense perspective.