Elon Musk Regained No. 1 Place In No time.


According to the Forbes magazine of the world’s richest business icons around the globe in 2021, Elon Musk CEO and Co-Founder of tesla company, the boring company, and SpaceX, was in the second position but after the stock price of Tesla, Electrical automobile company’s share Hiked on Tuesday by 4.7%, and Elon’s aerospace company SpaceX also was able to raise an enormous amount of 850 million USD in fresh funds from the American capital venture firm, Sequoia Capitals.

Pushed Elon Musk to the No. 1 position which was secured by Jeff Bezos till then. After t his significant rise in share prices of tesla, Net worth of Elon Musk’s is also increased musk. Now his total net worth is 199.9 billion USD. Previously Jeff Bezos was the top player on the list with a net worth of a total of 194.2 billion USD.

Securing first place wasn’t easy for musk he combated with the world’s top leaders of three leading companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon. But the after jet rise in his company’s stock, shares, and bonds helped him to compete and returning to the position to which he is entitled to.