Elon Musk replies through a meme to Twitter’s Lawsuit threat

Elon Musk attempted to back out of the $44 billion purchase of Twitter. Twitter Inc. retaliated, claiming Musk “knowingly” breached the terms of the deal. Twitter stated in a letter to Musk that it had not violated any of the merger agreement’s terms, contrary to what Musk claimed on Friday when he sought to terminate the arrangement. While this was going on, Musk criticised Twitter on Twitter.

Twitter has planned to sue him. The corporation intends to launch a lawsuit in Delaware at the beginning of this week. Musk, though, doesn’t appear to be particularly bothered, if the meme is any indication.

The meme Musk uploaded consists of four sequential photographs of the Tesla creator laughing hysterically, each with a statement criticising the social media site for what Musk claims was a lack of accurate and thorough information about “false or spam” accounts.

“They said I couldn’t buy Twitter, then they wouldn’t disclose bot info, now they want to force me to buy Twitter in court, now they have to disclose bot info in court,” the four captions read.

Musk demanded more information about the prevalence of fake accounts on Twitter, claiming the facts were essential to the operation and required to finalise the agreement. This threw the deal to purchase the social media platform into disarray.

In part, Musk said the company’s refusal to disclose adequate information was the reason he was walking away from the agreement.