Elon Musk riches drop by $4.6 bn, Jeff Bezos reclaims the world’s richest man title

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk was the richest man until when he dropped $4.6 bn. Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon has taken back the title. 

The Bloomberg Billionaire Index reported earlier that the Amazon founder has taken over to be the richest man pushing down the Tesla CEO to the second position.

Mr. Bezos has been holding on to this title for the past 3 years when in last month Elon took over the spot.

Mr.Bezos is estimated to be worth $191.2 bn (largely due to the shares of Amazon). Tesla stocks six weeks ago were on a constant rise but eventually reported a fall by $4.6 bn. Due to this, it is reported that the amazon founder is $995 million richer than Elon Musk.

Tesla has successfully completed its electric car sale target which surged the stock prices of the company. The Twitter handle of Musk also rallied a huge amount of upheavals for companies like GameStop Corp, CD Project SA, and Signal.

Recently he also got involved with the popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

2021 was eventful for both millionaires, Jeff Bezos who recently strep down as the CEO of Amazon to Andy Jassy. The former founded Amazon back in 1995 and transformed it into one of the most recognizable global e-commerce giants.