Everything To Know About Andrew Tates!

Born to a chess master Emory Tate and Eileen Ashleigh, a catering assistant, Emory Andrew Tates III is a known media and internet personality. A former professional kickboxer, he is also a businessman who came to the headlines in 2022 after his misogynist statements and arrest along with many other obligations and cases.

Starting his sports career through chess at the age of five, he completed in adult tournaments too. He soon found his interest in kickboxing and practiced martial arts as well. Being a light-heavyweight kickboxer, he was ranked the 7th and has won two International Sports Kickboxing Association ( ISKA ) titles, making him the world champion in two weight divisions. He last played his match in 2013 and since then, has retired from the sports. Anyone can see his performance and key role in the sport losing only nine matches in kickboxing out of 85. As he also excelled in martial arts too, he named himself with two victories out of three.

He, along with his brother, Tristan then started the webcam business where more than 70 webcam models were employed to interact with male customers. It was later revealed that he had made millions of dollars with this pornography business. He was also involved in his affiliate marketing business from which he has earned a good amount. Starting Hustler’s University was the means to give lessons on dropshipping and cryptocurrency but there is more to go. “Women should be in the homes”, “They can’t drive”, “Rape victims must bear the responsibility” and so on – he got famous for his views and tweets, mainly on sexuality and women.

He has put his misogynist views regarding women, which were not accepted. Several of his videos got viral on social media where he could be seen misbehaving and hitting women. He is a man who donates money to the church and hits women with his bad comments at the same time. His presence attracted social media more than the COVID reports and Donald Trump. Several of his accounts were also banned due to his behavior and views, also losing more than 4 million followers on Instagram.

As said above that he was more popular in 2022, the reason is more shocking and fearful. He was charged with the allegations of human trafficking and detainment, after which he was released but a bad image has been framed. Two women were released from one of his mansions who alleged that they were being kept against their will. Four suspects were arrested and detained after some months of the former case for forcefully pushing six women into the pornographic business. One of the four suspects were also alleged with rape and emotional abuse.