Exoctic places of vacation for the ‘Luxury lovers’

The affluent people, after the toil of the whole year plan to go for a vacation. But their vacation is exotic as well as exquisite. They prefer to go from the marinas of Monaco to the slopes of Aspen, it’s no secret where the wealthy like to go on holiday. The people who prefer lavish villas,oversized bathtubs or the ultra luxurious houses includung a private pool, billiards room etc. go in for these types of places for vacation. For them are those “ultra luxury” rental homes. The term is being used by several rental companies to distinguish stand-out houses among high-end holiday home rentals. One such company is Icon Private Collection where people can book an ‘ulta luxurious villa’ for 10,000 British Pounds. Another place people are fond of are the villas that connect from Saint Martin to the African vineyards of the Franschhoek. Another types of places are Private Resort homes and Historic homes where the rates are aa high as 10,000 British Pounds per night.