Extraordinary Attorney Woo Actor Kang Ki Young Tested Positive For Covid-19 , Unable To Join Bali Trip With His Extraordinary Attorney Woo Cast

Actors from “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” are reportedly planning a trip to Bali. But it has been determined that actor Kang Ki Young, who plays “Half-Dad” Jung Myung Seok in the ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” is COVID-19 positive.

“Kang Ki Young was ultimately proven positive in the self-kit test conducted last weekend after being in close touch with COVID-19 confirmed patient,” Kang Ki Young’s agency Namu Actors stated on August 8. The actor’s current schedules will be stopped, and we’ll concentrate on treating him for general ailments. They also said that the actor would miss his planned trip to Bali.

The cast of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” which includes actors Park Eun Bin, Joo Jong Hyuk, and Ha Yoon Kyung, is slated to depart from Incheon International Airport in the afternoon for a four-night, six-day vacation in Bali, Indonesia. After completing his schedule, Kang Ki Young was supposed to fly to Bali on August 9, but he was unable to do so because COVID-19 was confirmed.