“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” And “Big Mouth” Command Most Buzzworthy Drama

This week, the two most talked-about dramas and actors were ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and MBC’s “Big Mouth”!

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” topped the Good Data Corporation’s weekly list of the dramas that received the most buzz for the fifth week. The company gathers information about dramas that are either airing now or will be airing soon from news articles, blogs, online communities, videos, and social media to determine weekly rankings. Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s record was broken after the 7th and 8th episodes. Its popularity increased to 13.1% across the country and 15.0% in the metro area. The reassuring drama continues to dominate the Wednesday and Thursday drama ratings.
With a massive 59.16 per cent market share, according to Good Data Corporation, during the second week of July, the online buzz is also breaking records for each episode. Additionally, from July 19 to July 21, a survey by Korea Gallup titled “Most Favorite Program These Days” ranked the series as the top programme that Koreans enjoy.
For the first time in its history, ENA receives its highest rating. As a result, viewers’ interest in the upcoming dramas in 2022 keeps growing.

Conversely, “Big Mouth” debuted at No. 2 in the drama rankings in its first week of airing, with leads Lee Jong Suk and YoonA of Girls’ Generation placing Nos. 3 and 7, respectively, on the actor list. The drama “Alchemy of Souls” on tvN maintained its position at No. 3 while its stars, Jung So Min and Lee Jae Wook, moved up to Nos. 5 and 6, respectively, in the actor rankings.

Last but not least, Kim Sejeong’s new SBS drama “Today’s Webtoon” debuted at No. 8 on the actor list and No. 4 on the drama list.

The following are the top 10 dramas that earned the most sensation during the fourth week of July:

  1. “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” on ENA
  2. “Big Mouth” on MBC
  3. “Alchemy of Souls” on tvN
  4. “Today’s Webtoon” on SBS
  5. “Gold Mask” on KBS2
  6. “Adamas” on tvN
  7. “It’s Beautiful Now” on KBS2
  8. “Café Minamdang” on KBS2
  9. “Jinxed at First” on KBS2
  10. “Bravo, My Life” on KBS1