Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 4 Recap, Tap To Know More

This episode starts with a land dispute between three brothers, true to its title. The land is precious, but a sizable tax bill hangs over the ownership stake, and the youngest brother, Dong-sam, is left out of the deal and now owes 260 million won in debt. The problem is resolved with the help of her father, Gwang-ho, and Young-woo, who is connected to Dong Geu-rami.

Since the other stood up to Young-woo’s bullying in high school, Geu- rami and Young-woo have been friends. Additionally, the case initially appears pretty straightforward from a legal standpoint. Given that all three brothers are legally entitled to an equal share of the inheritance, Dong-sam can file a lawsuit if he feels he has been wronged. But since the deception needs to be proven, Jun-ho and Myeong-Seok, whose legal counsel Young-woo has Geu-ra-mi hire, are dubious.

You’ll see that Young-woo’s resignation has been briefly avoided by Extraordinary Attorney Woo while still keeping her informed, which was to be expected. However, it enables some nurturing of the Young-woo and Jun-ho relationship, quickly developing into a romantic one. He explains that he wants to have an attorney like her next to him after she admits that she sees herself as the weak link when he asks why she left.

The two brothers uniting against Dong-sam makes it more difficult to prove a deception occurred, so Myeong-Seok was correct in his assessment of the situation. A glimmer of hope materialises in the form of a nosy neighbour named Jin-hyeok, but he remains silent in his testimony, ostensibly having been paid off. Thanks to a heated argument and an assault, Young-woo is, fortunately, able to find a backdoor that enables Dong-sam to receive the money, pay the tax, and distribute the remaining funds as he sees fit, which is, appropriately, equally among the brothers.
Young-woo is forced to return to work by her success, which makes sense. Still, I’m much more intrigued by the developing romantic relationship between her and Jun-ho and the family history we’re constantly teased about. I’m sure we’ll hear more about these topics in upcoming episodes.