Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 5 Recap: Wild Card Vs Tactician

A copyright issue and the case of two atm firms are introduced in episode 5 of Hanbada Law Firm. This time, Woo Young-woo and Kwon Min woo must collaborate, although it initially appears that the latter will be more of a hindrance than a benefit to our protagonist.

And it started with him briefing her on the case and providing her with the required paperwork before their first appointment with the client. Kwon Min-woo can establish a rapport with the client throughout the conversation and persuade him to agree to disclose more information with him, while Woo Young-woo is unable to do so and is later admonished by Jung Meung-seok.
At the initial court hearing, the opposing attorney claims that the technology already exists and that a third company which has since folded was the first to employ it in the Korean market.

However, Canada’s client is adamant that the technology belongs to them, and it is challenging to establish who is correct. Similar to how she is unsure if Geu-a-mi is telling the truth when she claims that Jun-ho likes her, Young-woo is not convinced that their client is telling the truth.

The fact that Jun-ho plays basketball with his roommate Min-woo in a rather violent manner after learning of Min-woo’s cruel treatment of Young-woo in the case, however, proves that it is undoubtedly genuine.

Jun-ho volunteers to pretend to be their client and suggest that Young-woo should ask him certain questions to learn how to distinguish between falsehoods and the truth. However, Young-woo’s first query was inspired by Geu-a-mi. Does Woo Young-woo enjoy Lee Jun-company? Though surprised, Jun-ho tries to defuse the situation by stating that “the client” could find it challenging to respond to the question.

Using a character as cover to evade answering a question that should be obvious? Onewbacks of roleplaying are that!

As a backup approach, Young-woo has the hypothesis of body language deception detection, which includes shaky eyebrows and trembling hands and legs.

However, they discover that the client had an accident and now has injuries on those three body parts when they get to the client’s factory. However, there is still hope since when Young-woo queries his R&D manager about the technology, he can be seen to be lying and displaying all the telltale indicators.

In the end, the competing business discovers an ATM from the shuttered business, demonstrating that the technology was previously in use before Hanbada’s customers invented theirs.

Unfortunately, Canada’s client already secured supply agreements with each bank while the injunction was in effect, thus their situation is unaffected by the injunction’s final revocation. And Young-woo now understands that this was their original intention. In hindsight, Young-woo acknowledges that she knew the truth—something Min-woo also mentioned earlier—but chose to ignore it to succeed.

Shame overtakes her as she realises that she had put competency before her reputation as an attorney.