Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 6 Recap, Tap To Know More!

Another intense episode rounded out the third weekend of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, and the show’s popularity is still growing. Naturally, it hasn’t been given to anyone. Each episode has improved upon the one before, if not necessarily in plot details, then at least in terms of the main cast and their evolving dynamics. Even though the cases themselves are intriguing, I think the attention to the characterization will draw readers in time and time again.

And even though talking of cases, Hyang-sim, a North Korean defector accused of causing injury during a robbery, is the subject of this episode. At the beginning of the episode, she reluctantly and temporarily places her daughter, Ha-Yun, in an orphanage. Young-woo and Su-Yeon are given the case because it was determined to be of public interest.

Throughout the essential aspects, Hyang-sim is alleged to have broken into Sun-Yeong’s house with Jeong-hui, another defector, to recover a sizeable sum of money exchanged during the entire defection brokering process. Jeong-hui has been in prison for four years, and unless it can be proven that Hyang-sim did not physically assault the victim, which is challenging, there isn’t much hope for the case.

North Korean matters are complicated. Focusing on the doctor who examined Sun-Yeong after the attack and highlighting his blatant bias against North Korean defectors and their status as non-taxpaying citizens, “If I Were A Whale…” finds an intriguing angle. It also emphasises a significant cultural difference between North and South Korean law that appears to offer Young-woo a suitable defence, at least until it doesn’t.

However, the outcome of the case is largely irrelevant. What matters is that Young-woo becomes more passionate as a result, and we learn more about the details of her personality. A direct carryover from the previous episode suggests we’re moving more toward serialisation than these isolated cases of the week suggest. We see her relationship with Su-Yeon develop and think about her potential connection with the CEO of Taesan.