Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 7 Recap : A Tale About Sodeok-dong I

Everybody enjoys a good underdog tale. I suppose that’s what Extraordinary Attorney Woo is at its core, and its cases have proven it. The first two parts of the season’s first two-parter, “A Tale About Sodeok-dong I,” are as perfect a summation of the theme as you could ask for. Against the residents’ wishes, plans exist for a highway to cut through a small town and divide Sodeok-Dong into two neighbourhoods.
Therefore, it is true that big business is directly competing with decent, hardworking little people. There is no ambiguity as to who we are supposed to support.

Legally speaking, these issues are never straightforward. The people are being taken advantage of, but since there do not appear to be any workable or affordable alternatives, they may be out of luck. The seventh episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo cleverly helps us grasp the stakes by introducing us to the town in all its simple, unspoiled beauty.
We never really feel the weight of all the case’s details, which we’re supposed to understand are numerous and complex because we’re letting the visuals and the locals do the heavy lifting here. It’s always nice when a legal drama can be understood without a crash course in legalese. We naturally see more character development against this backdrop, particularly as regards Young Woo and Jun-ho.

Then again, there is Min-woo. We can now see Min-woo’s apparent animosity toward Young-woo, who he perceives as unfairly overlooking him because of the latter’s connections and, dare one say it, a sympathy vote. Another source of friction is prosecuting attorney Tae Su-mi, a hotshot candidate for justice minister who begrudgingly grows to respect Young-legal woo’s knowledge. There is a chance that this character will return. Still, since it seems likely that the legal dispute will be resolved in tomorrow’s episode, the severe drama’s primary focus will be Young-woo’s developing a romance with Jun-ho and a tense rivalry with Min-woo.