Facebook eliminating the “Code Generator” Verification Factor

Meta is removing its Facebook Code Generator component as part of a larger upgrade to its user security settings. This component allowed users to log in on a different device by utilizing a code from, for example, their phone to authenticate their secondary session.

Facebook is now warning users who still use Code Generator that it will soon be discontinued and that they should convert to another type of two-factor authentication in its place, as you can see in this notification posted by social media specialist Matt Navarra.

Most folks already possess. Code Generator is not always accessible and, according to Nathan Gleicher, Head of Security Policy at Meta, it is also vulnerable to assaults because it can only be used when you have logged into a different device already.

The upgrade probably won’t have much of an impact since just a “small portion” of users still use it, but you might need to update your settings if you occasionally find yourself being directed to Facebook to verify your login on another app or website.

Moreover, Meta is not eliminating SMS 2FA or making it a Meta Verified-only feature. In any case, not at this time.