Fall in Love with Charlie and Jungkook’s Left and Right

The wait is finally over! The most anticipated and awaited collab of the year is here. The global boy band BTS’s youngest member Jungkook will be starting off his solo project with Charlie Puth’s Left and Right. 

Stream the song right now here: Left and Right

Charlie dropped a tiktock video to make the announcement and the music world has lost it’s calm since then. The song is finally out and fans are already in love with it.

Charlie Puth shared the song on his Twitter handle. Considering his tweets, it  seems like Charlie himself is very excited about this song.

Charlie has been tweeting since the morning to show his excitement for the release. Check out his over-excited tweets here:

Charlie has been sharing glipses of the song since a few days. Now that the song is finally released, Armies and his fans are streaming the song right away.

BTS’s official Twitter handle has also shared the song.

The song is gaining so many retweets and streams right after it’s release. Armies are loving Jungkook’s voice in the song. Fans are in awe with the song-writing and the lyrics as well.

Check out the fans reactions to the lovely song:

One fan clipped the lyrics of Jungkook’s verse in the song and

Another fan used the lyric of the song only “You take up every corner of my mind” to show her love for the song.

Charlie fans and BTS Army is now waiting for the music video of the song. The song has been released on the music platforms but the music video is yet to be released. But don’t worry, the MV is reported to be  released today only.