Fans are flabbergasted to see BTS as Marvel characters

Two big things always fascinate people one is Marvel or DC comics and their characters and the second thing is BTS. Both are fans most loved and followed religiously as if their world surrounds them. In recent events, fans have started imagining the Bangtan Boys as the superheroes from Marvel comic series and even the BTS member have expressed their love for marvel characters.

Fans noticed several Marvel figurines in the background when the members entered the world of Instagram. Fans noticed figurines of Captain America, Deadpool, merchandise from one of the Avengers movies and a figurine of Stan Lee dressed as an astronaut, as seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. A figurine of Aquaman was also seen in the room.

The members were also asked about their favorite Marvel characters during an interview and who are their favorite characters. RM, Jimin, and Suga picked Iron Man, J-Hope picked Thor, V picked Dr. Strange, and Jin picked Spider-Man. However, Jungkook picked Marvel villain Thanos.

Fans have created a page on which they created some characters from the marvel that perfectly suit the Bangtan Boys.

1. Rap Monster aka RM

He will suit well in Doctor Strange’s character because Rap Monster loves books and he is smart. They both like learning new things. They both are very serious when it comes to working.


2. Jin

Well, Jin fits well to spider-man, why? Well, they both are telling stupid jokes. They both are handsome. Wearing glass and rest we all know.

3. Suga

 Suga is really hard to match with someone fans think that he will probably be Dare Devil.

4. J-Hope

Well for J-Hope fans see him Quicksilver. Like they are a great match and Hobi is super hot with white/silver hair.

5. Jimin

Well, Jimin it’s kinda hard too, but not impossible to find someone that is kinda similar. So fans decided to match him with Black Panther.

6. V

Well for V people imagine him as Thor.

7. Jungkook

Well, for him he will best be suited with Iron man.

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