Feeling low? Take a hike to these enchanting hill stations in Kerala

Most of us need to take a break from this busy boring life. What better to do than and go for a hike. Climb up the mountain to take in that virgin fresh air to pacify your soul and body. We have curated a list including 5 hilltops in Kerala to conquer in 2021.


This hill station is located in the Idukki district with a refreshingly cool climate, the temperature hovering over 10-23°C even in summer midday. Pine forests constitute a majority of the green cover. Vagamon recently featured in India’s top 50 attractive places to visit, a list prepared by National Geographics. The main tourist attraction includes paragliding and Vagamon falls.



Placed 55 km from the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum, this glorious hilltop is a traveler’s paradise. The region house a wide variety of wildlife and vegetation and is also known as the Golden Peak. Pick a date between March and November to enjoy Ponmudi at its best. The Echo point and Kallaar Waterfalls are highly recommended spot to visit.




Know as the Rock of the angels, this hilltop is dominated by lush green tea plantations. This majestic hilltop is located in the Trissur district and is often regarded as a nature photographer’s paradise. A visit during November would be ideal. Take in the aroma of tea for every breathe you take.



The mystic hilltop is less talked about and is located about 80 Km to the north of Kannur. The trekking experience offered by Ranipuram is one of a kind. Make sure you pack adequately because it’s a long walk to the peak which is worth every step you take. Plan your trip in October to see Ranipuram in its true glory.



This one is for adventure hunters. Meesapulimala, the second-highest peak in the Western Ghats is located in the Idukki district. The mystifying travel to the peak through the thick forest covered with rhododendron trees is an experience to cherish forever. Savor each moment as you look down on clouds with literally nothing above you.