Fine Lebanese dine to rejoice something new in dinner menu

Lebanese Cuisine is quite confined to Lebanon and relative countries where the Lebanese people reside. This is why Lebanese cuisine is something that is not familiar to everyone. Lebanese dishes broadly consist of nonvegetarian dishes like pork, meat, camel, chicken, and some limited vegetables.  Also, Lebanese food is the healthier food on the earth, the dips, sides like hummus, dill dip, sesame dips are consindeed very healthy and tasty because they are low in fat and cars and enhance the taste of dishes working as a side hero.

1) Tabbouleh :

Tabbouleh is a Lebanese salad recipe that often complements chicken. Soak the buckwheat grains in boiling water until the grains bloom. After then add finely diced cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, and carrot in a buckwheat bowl. After this in another bowl mix some oil, salt, and pepper, pour it into vegetable and buckwheat bowl as a dressing and mix well, the Tabbouleh sathe lad is ready.

2). Batata Harara :

Boil some potatoes and peel the skin and chop them in dice when they are softened. Then in a pan add some oil and cook some garlic cloves and potatoes add turmeric, salt, dill leaves, and red paprika powder, salt to taste, turmeric, and red chili flakes, and mix all of them and serve hot.

3). Layali Lubnan :

Layali Lubnan is a classic Lebanese dessert made on traditional occasions and festivals very much like Indian kheer. To make Layali you need to boil some milk in a pan and add semolina with some sugar mid them and left it to chill. In another an add milk, vanilla, cornflour, paneer, and stir, after this pour this mixture on the previous mixture and let it set once it is chill and set add almonds and pistachios. And serve chill.

4) Man’oushe Za’tar :

Man’oushe za’atar is Lebanese flatbread served with any kind of savory recipes like chicken and meat vegetables and all. To make Man’oushe Za’tar you need to knead the dough with all-purpose flour, salt, yeast and water, and oil (extra virgin olive) and leave it to rest until the dough is double its size  after this make naan out of it and cook in tandoor. For more flavor spread some honey with Za’tar herb ( mixture of many herbs and seeds)