Finest Russian desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth

Russian cuisine consists of very typical dishes from chicken soups to sausages and meat, Russian cuisine is broadly made up of non-vegetarian ingredients because in the very cold weather of Russia crops can not yield that is why Russians were dependent on cattle. They use them for milk for desserts and they slaughter animals to have dinner. But dear vegetarians you do not need to disappoint in this segment we are going to uncover some classic Russian desserts.

1). Curd Cheese Pancakes :

Pancakes are the favourite breakfast of every white man because it is easy to make and you can customize the recipe as you like, Russian pancakes are nothing but ordinary pancakes based they add some unsalted cheese and curd which gives it a nice e fluffy and weightless texture. And after the cooking, it is served with fruits and tea.

2). Sweet Eastern Bread :

Russia stans a majority of the population of Christian which is why Easter is a very important festival of Russia and sweet eastern bread is a very crucial part to celebrate this festival. With adding some colourful sprinkles, chocolate chips this bread is baked in normal dough and after baking it is glazed with cream.

3). Apple Cake :

Russia’s weather is very cold that why apple is one of their major products and has an abundance of Apple Russia has a great collection of recipes whit an apple as an ingredient. Apple cake is some in which you need to add some diced apples and apple juice if you want and bake it like you bake a regular cake. That’s it!

4). Pavlova Cake :

Pavlova is an egg dessert made up of egg whites when they are whipped enough with sugar and vanilla to be airy and light, then one layer of freezes pavlova and spread freshly made pavlova mousse on it and repeat the process up to 4 to 5 layers and at top garnish with some bright and luscious fruits.