Five yoga poses to relieve your back pain, check out more details here!

For ages, yoga is known to be beneficial for our physical & mental well-being. It helps us build a strong physical, mental and spiritual health system and when combined with breathing exercises and meditation, it acts as a catalyst to take care of our mind, body, and soul. Yoga became very popular across the globe due to the pandemic. We were all bound to live restricted lives and work from home and it leads to a lot of mental and physical strain.


We were asked to work from home, and study from home which hooked us to our phones, laptops, tabs, and other gadgets.  Even now people sit at the desk for long hours with a hunched back. Well, Yoga has an answer to all your problems, and today, let us find out how yoga can help in relieving your back pain.


Here are few exercises that will help you in appeasing your back pain:

  1. Cobra Pose: This exercise stretches your abdomen, chest and shoulders and strengthens your spine. It also helps in relieving stress and tightness of muscles that can cause back pain.

How to do this:

  • Lie on the mat with your face down and body extended. Make sure you press your legs and tips of your feet firmly to the mat while doing this.
  • Place your palms on the ground under your shoulders and bend your elbows straight.
  • Lift your upper body slowly by using your folded hands. While putting weight to your hands, make sure you don’t press too much weight on the hands.
  • Use your lower back muscles to lift your body even higher. Remember to continue breathing throughout the exercise.
  • Look slightly forward and upward and stay in the position for few seconds or minutes based on your comfort.
  • Exhale and lower down gently.

  1. Child Pose: This helps you in relaxation and increases blood circulation to the body. Child’s pose gently stretches your spine, back, thighs, hips and ankles.

How to do:

  • Kneel and sit on your knees with both your knees slightly apart.
  • Lean forward, first extend your arms and rest your forehead on your arms.
  • Then fold your arms and place them on your feet.
  • Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply for a minute or two.

  1. Extended Triangle: This helps you in strengthening shoulders, chest and legs, it also helps in alleviating backache and neck pain.

How to do:

  • Stand straight and let your feet be apart to the distance you feel comfortable
  • Let your right toe be straight while the left one should be making an angle.
  • Lift your hands parallel to the floor, making the shoulders blades as wide as possible and make sure your palms be facing downward.
  • Bow down, touch your left leg with your left hand and extend your right arm upwards.
  • Look up, down and straight while holding the position for a minute.
  • Repeat the same on the opposite side.
  • Make sure one of your toes be in the direction you are facing while the other makes a 90 degree angle with the ground.

  1. Locust Pose: The gentle bend will help you get rid of lower back pain and fatigue.

How to do:

  • Lie on your stomach with your arms at your sides, rest your forehead on the mat and extend your legs straight.
  • Inhale and raise your head and look forward. When you exhale, lift your chest and arms.
  • Lift your legs upwards and let your weight be rested on your lower ribs, pelvis and belly.
  • Keep breathing and keep your chest lifted as wide as you can, hold the position for a minute and then slowly release your body to the ground.

  1. Bridge pose: It is a back-bending pose and it also helps in improving posture, the pose stretches your abdomen, chest, back muscles.

How to do:

  • Lie on your back, bend your knees and let your legs be apart from each other.
  • Inhale and raise your hips, lift it from your pubic bones.
  • Clasp your hands under your back and roll your thighs inward. Lift the back of your thighs as high as you can.
  • Hold the position for 45 seconds to a minute
  • Exhale, release your hands and gently lower down to the floor.

Note that you should always allow your breath to guide your movement and avoid any such poses that causes you discomfort. Never force yourself into any position and be gentle with yourself.