Flavours of France on your table ; Quick recipes for brunch

What is better than the French language, a French dessert. The fresh cuisine is full of creamy butter flaky desserts. Most of the desserts include condensed cream and a hint of butter, in this segment let us cover some beautiful French desserts.

 1). French Toast :

Yummy! French toast is a very popular breakfast in France and now all over the world, French toast is for those who have sweet tooth, to make French toast you need to take a bowl, crack two eggs in a bowl with some cinnamon powder, sugar and whisk well after this soak bread slices in a mixture and toast until the bread turn golden. Then spread honey on bread and serve with fresh fruits.

2). Cream Puff :

Cream puff is a very easy, tasty and satisfying recipe from the French baking collection, you need to heat the pan and melt down butter after this add all purpose flour mix steadily to form a dough after this take the dough out of the heat and add eggs and sugar, make balls & bake them once they are puffed inject custard whipped cream.

3). French Crepes :

French Crepes is another sweet dish to serve as breakfast with a cup of tea or some fresh juice, to make crepe you need to mix all-purpose flour in a bowl with some caster sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, milk and make a fine batter from it, and in a pan pour a thin layer of better let it cook then wral it into folds and drizzle some chocolate sauce and powdered sugar and serve with fresh fruits.

4). French Cheese Puffs :

A great appetiser for your sundowner cravings and making them our piece of cake, add some , water, butter, salt, paprika and pepper in a pan add flour and stir wisely to make a dough without lumps, after add cheese of two or three different categories, and best eggs when the mixture is cooled down  finally add herbs and make balls out of them and bake,