Forts to look forward in Odisha which date back to almost 6-7 century BC

Odisha is another state that has an amazing array of forts which belonging to the old Kalinga Empire. There are fort marvels namely Raibania fort, Sisupalgarh Fort, and Potagarh Fort are marvels of architecture and contain centuries of heritage within them. The place would be a delight for the history lovers as there is plenty of historic places to visit. Have a look:

1.Barabati fort
It is included within the most ancient monuments in the state which was built with laterite and sandstone it dates back to the 14 century from the Ganga dynasty and is truly a architectural excellence. The fort with its moat, gate and nine-storeyed fortress stands tall exhibiting the architectural excellence. While you reach on its top, you will be able to have view of the surrounding area and the scenic beauty. 

2. Chudanga Gada Fort
If you are in Bhubaneswar, you must not miss the chance of visiting this fort which tells about the golden era of Odisha’s history. There is a palace within the fort which has 16 huge rooms, shrines, and granary. You can see authentic Kalinga architecture in this fort. Chudanga Gada fort consists of several water bodies and large laterite blocks.

3. Raibania Fort 
It has the identity of the being one of the biggest forts in the medieval history when It was constructed during the Buddhist period in the state of Odisha. Although only the ruins of the fort can be seen now, but there was a time when there were 161 fort goddesses here.

4. Sisupalgarh Fort
Being of the most popular tourist attraction is the Sisupalgarh Fort which is located near Bhubaneswar. By looking at the remnants one can have a fair bit of idea that how would the fort have been in the past. and is a popular tourist attraction in Odisha. The ruins are from 6th to 7th centuries BCE. It is one of the early historic fortifications in the country. The artefacts as well as the architectural designs were found during an excavation. The ruined fort is nationally protected .

5. Asurgarh Fort
Asurgarh fort is situated in the Kalahandi district at the present day is spread over almost 25 acres of land. It is now an archeological site which is rectangular in shape. There are four gates here and the huge wall that surrounds the fort is made of rubble and brick. Right after the wall, there is a deep and wide moat which covers three directions such as East, North and South. On the western side of the fort you can witness River Sandol flowing. Around 2300 year old artefacts have been found during an excavation carried out at this fort.