French President Emmanuel Macron spreads awareness about ‘adopting pets’

Nemo, is the French President Emmanuel Macron’s dog who is the star of a video clip urging citizens to adopt pets at Christmas “with awareness”.

Nemo is a black Labrodor-Griffon and appears in the video with caption: “My story begins with abandonment… like me, 100,000 animals are abandoned every year in France. So, at Christmas, adopt them. But adopt with awareness!”

Mr. Macron has been tested positive for COVID-19 and is self-isolating at a mansion near Paris. The Nemo clip has an emotive plea: “your pet is part of your family – he’s counting on you”. Nemo first appeared alongside the President in August 2017, continuing a tradition of French presidents having a “first dog”. Nemo was bought by Mr.Macron and his wife Brigitte, reportedly from an animal rescue centre for €250 (£227).

The parliament has decided to debate on a pet adoption bill in January 2021 after Nemo’s video went viral of reduce the cruelty done to animals. The bill has provisions that envisages €20m to improve conditions at animal rescue centres. Not only this but it also aims to punish cruelty to pets more heavily and require pet buyers to have an “awareness certificate” – guidelines for treating their pet well. If the bill passes the poorer pet owners will also be able to claim a subsidy for vets’ fees.

Mr. Macron and his love for dogs is not hidden anymore. The presidential couple adopted Nemo from an animal refuge camp in Hermany on the outskirts of Paris. Tulle,in the Southern Corrèze region was the place where this dog was abandoned. Also this is the same place for Mr. Macron’s predecessor, François Hollande. Mr Hollande had a female labrador called Philae during his tenure at the Elysée Palace.