From KIA To Burger King, Find Out About The Biggest Rebrands Of 2021

Rebranding is the ongoing marketing trend for brands to remain fresh, new, and relevant to the audience. Rebranding is basically about helping the company and customers to make a switch gradually and confidently to a company that demonstrates how it aligns with the same values that it presents to its customers every day. It’s about honoring your commitment to the new brand without abandoning the old. Some businesses also consider it as their responsibility to show concern toward the social environment. Here are some of the brands that went for rebranding in 2021.

Burger King

This was the first time Burger King went through rebranding in over 20 years. The brand removed the blue cover and shining buns from the old logo. They also changed the font of the logo to feel modern as it is now made more round in shape, inspired by their food. They updated their visual identity so that consumers know that the brand is evolving.



Baskin-Robbins is a 75-year-old brand and now has a logo with the font “31” rather than just pink and blue as earlier. Their new logo “31” shows their different flavors and are mini-identities. They show the different flavors from strawberry to mint chip to almond fudge. This logo would add a layer of personality to their ice creams.



Kia too transformed its logo. Along with unveiling the new logo, the brand has changed the name of its Indian subsidiary from Kia Motors India to Kia India. Kia is a brand that keeps on looking for ways to modernize its products. It made huge changes in branding. Along with the change in logo, Kia also renamed itself as mentioned.  They are also going to launch two new models of the car which would have AI voice control features installed in them.



McDonald’s also unveiled their new design this year. Their new design is well, bold and illustration-led. In their new logo, they try to illustrate their most iconic products and ingredients. They do so to make their product easy to identify, aesthetically minimal, and most importantly emotionally joyful. Their packaging stands out from the crowd.


Renault revealed a new logo which is a geometric version of their diamond shape design which has been in use since the 1920s. The new flat logo comprises two intertwining diamond-shaped which can be animated for digital media. The new logo was designed in-house at Renault. It meets the need of modern brands in a digital world. It is a simple geometric shape with a strong, powerful identity. They strike to create a balance between the recognition of the brand’s heritage and entering a new era.

Despite them, there are also many other brands like Inter Milan such it Seville FC which opted to rebrand themselves in 2021.