Gal Gadot’s best roles, check out her top movies

Gal Gadot is most known to moviegoers as Wonder Woman in the DCEU, but which of her films is the finest in the reviewers’ eyes?

Gal Gadot has acted in a number of popular franchises and carved herself a position in cinema history that extends beyond the Amazonian warrior princess. She is best known to movie fans as Wonder Woman in the DCEU.

Let’s take a look at how Gal Gadot’s acting career has been received.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice: Despite being a devoutly regarded film by fans, the second film in the DCEU was notably panned by reviewers, sparking an ongoing controversy regarding movie criticism in connection to the developing subject of superhero films. Gadot’s interpretation of the legendary DC character Wonder Woman was introduced to viewers in Batman v Superman, paving the way for her debut standalone film.

Date Night: In this star-studded mix-up comedy, Gadot only makes a cameo appearance, with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey grabbing the spotlight. The story follows a married couple who are looking for a method to rekindle their romance until an impulsive choice leads to a daring crime escapade on their eponymous date night.

Fast and Furious: Gadot joined the Fast & Furious franchise precisely as the genre was redefining itself and preparing for its biggest hits, shifting away from street racing and toward international crime, espionage, and action. Gisele, her character, begins as an accomplice of the film’s unknown villain, but swiftly proves herself to be an ally of the heroes, eventually joining their core group.

Justice League: The first live-action Justice League film disappointed in most areas but continued a record of good press for Gadot’s Wonder Woman while receiving more favorable reviews than Batman v Superman. Filmmaker Joss Whedon, who took over from original director Zack Snyder under tumultuous circumstances, had obviously chopped down and molded the film into something more MCU-like, and fans would battle for years to have Snyder’s original vision for the film ultimately published for public consumption.

Ralph Breaks the Internet: The sequel to Disney’s popular animated film Wreck-It Ralph was a critical and commercial success, moving the eponymous character from arcade games to the larger realm of the internet. Gadot plays Shank in the film, the leader of a gang of aggressive street racers in an online game, and she plays an important part in the story’s character development.

Wonder Woman: Following her debut in Batman v Superman the previous year, Gadot’s first solo Wonder Woman film provided a long-overdue origin story for the character on the big screen and acted as a landmark for comic book adaptations and female-directed blockbusters, making it the first major breakthrough of the DCEU with both an overwhelming majority of fans and critics. Patty Jenkins’ exciting adventure narrative, set primarily during World War I, hit all the right notes, and a sequel for the iconic heroine was quickly greenlit.