Gems of Australian cuisine for your perfect sundowner break

Indeed Australian food is full of exciting cheesy stuff and gluten, Australian cuisine also known as Aussie food is quite unpopular with us but indeed it is very delicious and innovative. Let us unfold some unique flavours from Australian cuisine :

1). Fairy Bread :

Fairy Bread is a very inexpensive and five-minute recipe from Australian food, all need is white bread and spread migraine on the bread surface sprinkle some rainbow sprinkles and Fairy bread is ready. A perfect recipe for birthday parties for your kids and little’s break time snack.

2). Smashed Avocados :

The creamy and standard sweetened flavour of avocados can make everyone fall in love with them, and when it is combined with bread it is over the top. In this what you have to take some bread slices ( wholegrain bread ) and smash some fre,sh athe avocado pulp in a bowl add salt, extra virgin olive oil, lime juice, pepper sauce, and mix well and then spread on brand and the brunch is ready.

3). Pavlova :

Pavlova is quite common in India, but thnativeve country of this masterpiece is Australia, a baked dessert made of egg whites, lemon zest, caster sugar, vanilla extract, corn starch, and heavy cream all these ingredients are blended altogether until it becomes weightless like a cloud, once it is done Pavlova served in the lump and topped with fruits and sprinkles.

4). Flat White :

Flat white is the name of Coffee, loved by Australians in morning and noon with their exquisite desserts, take 35ml of expresso and pour into the base of the cup and pour foam milk delicately into a cup and leave a bit of room for dense creamy milky cream to create a pattern othe n surface.