Get hooked to these Kdramas streaming in Hindi

You may now get hooked on these free Hindi K-dramas streaming on MX Player.

The following Korean dramas have already gained the attention of the audience in Korean and also, English. And now, they are being dubbed in Hindi for a larger audience to decipher the language and also, for a larger audience to view these shows.

Doctor Stranger: This is a wonderful narrative of a father and son, a boy and a girl, and a guy who is trying to figure out who he is. Park Hoon, a South Korean, and his father, Park Cheol, were stranded in North Korea. But, without losing faith or bravery, Park Hoon learned to be a skilled doctor from his father and eventually returned to South Korea. Despite the passage of time, he still felt like an outsider.

Dr. Romantic: This is the story of Boo Yong-Joo, a highly skilled surgeon who, once upon a time, was at the top of his field. But, after a catastrophe, he changes his name and goes to work at a tiny hospital, where he meets Kang Dong-joo and Yoon Seo-jeong and teaches them how to be decent doctors and fight for patients against money and power.

Goblin: This touching show is about a Goblin that has been cursed with immortality, which can only be broken by the Goblin’s wife. This show will take you on a rollercoaster journey, with plenty of laughs and tears, all while discussing fate and everlasting love. In addition, the soundtrack is lovely.

Heirs: Maintaining the family’s traditions, establishment, and discipline, the family’s young children are taught from childhood to take over the family company when they grow up, and a battle for these roles is inevitable. One of the families includes two brothers, Kim Tan and Kim Won, and the show follows their quest to see who will be the successor, complete with a love triangle featuring Eun-sang.

I Am Not A Robot: Min Kyu, the boss of a large corporation, is allergic to humans and develops life-threatening rashes if he comes into touch with one. A group of scientists creates a robot for him, but it fails. As a result, Ji Ah is sent as a robot, and he falls in love with this human/robot, making for a very wholesome and enjoyable watch.

Kill Me Heal Me: Despite being immensely wealthy and the heir to a firm, Do Hyun suffers from multiple personality disorder, and as a result, he has seven different identities that he hides from everyone. Do Hyun is discreetly helped to live a regular life by a psychiatrist named Ri Jin. Simultaneously, his twin brother, Ri On, notices something peculiar about him and sets out to discover the truth.

Penthouse: The plot revolves around a group of wealthy families that live in large houses, each with their own tales and perspectives, and whose children attend costly and well-known schools. Then, one day, following the death of a woman, the calm and tranquility of this community are shattered, and now everyone is suspicious of everyone, attempting to figure out what actually occurred.

Pinocchio: We all know Pinocchio, whose nose got bigger every time he lied. Choi In Ha, on the other hand, suffers from Pinnochio syndrome, which causes her to get hiccups whenever she lies. And, as nebulous as the condition is, she’s a journalist (a twist). The plot revolves around her and her friends attempting to solve a crime and bring people to justice.