Gift ideas for the MEN in your life

When we talk about gifting something to our mothers, sisters or girlfriends, a grand list of ideas come into our mind whereas the same doesn’t happen when we think about the men in our life- what to gift our friend, brother, boyfriend, husband and father. There are only a few things we can gift them, a few things they use but there is an array of things they can have and use it to its best.

Quirky socks

Socks don’t get as much attention as they should. The type of socks one wear can say so much about your personality. Gone are the days where men were stereotyped to only wear dull/dark colours. Quirky socks are a way to showcase your fun side to the people. They are a great gift to give the men in your life, to add some colour. You can get the Quirky socks from, H&M, Park Avenue, Myntra and Ajio.

Printed Denim Jacket

Denim is the way to live, it’s the most versatile fabric and any clothing made out of it works the same way. Denim Jackets looks great with anything, one can wear it over a sweatshirt, a plain shirt, t-shirt, with jeans to give a denim-on-denim look. It looks good with everything. Denim Jackets are available in every colour, print, they are customisable to go with everything. They are one of the clothing item men must own. You can get a Printed Denim jacket from H&M, Levi’s, Myntra, Ajio, Marks and Spencer.

Bar Kit Set

This kit is for anyone who loves to have exquisite drinks, bartend for their friends and family. The idea of drinking has evolved over the years, from just whisky on the rocks to fun cocktails and to make that, you need some tools. The Bar Kit is available in every price range, for amateurs to pros. You can get it on MensXP, Amazon and Myntra.

Accesories Set

Who says men cen’t accessorize their outfits to perfection? With fun ties, shiny cufflinks, lapel pins and the pocket squares, the outfits can go from plain and simple to classy and dashing. Often we overlook the need of these accessories but they are indeed needed to an oomph to your look and you can gift it to your men. You can get these accessories set in every possible combo, print, colour and price. These are available in MensXP,, SatyaPaul, Ajio, Myntra, Van Heusen and

Comfy Hoodie

Another clothing essential which is available is any colour, print and is customisable for anything. One can also gift customisable hoodies, giving it a personal touch but when the gift is rushed, these are the stores which helps you find the comfiest hoodie with a stylish look. You can get hoodies in every clothing store.

Poker Chips and Deck of cards

If the men in your life enjoy playing poker or cards with the friends and family, this is for them. Who doesn’t like a game night where you stand a chance to earn some money and poke your friends? The night of laughter and some serious fun is what you can have with this set. You can get them in every price range, from 100 to 400 poker chips, depends on the group you’re playing with. These are available in MensXP, Amazon and Flipkart.

Sports Merchandise

There is at least one men in your circle which is obsessed with sports, be it cricket, football or basketball. Everyone loves some sort of material item that signifies their love for their favourite sport, from authentic football jersey to small customisable cricket caricatures. Everything is available at these stores- Regalo Casila, Souled Store, Football Fanatic and the official merchandise pages of the sport.

An expensive watch

This is a classic gift and you can never go wrong with this. Get your men a classic, authentic watch from their favourite brand and you’re set for the occasion. Here are some brands, you’d like to go for- Fossil, Daniel Wellington, Titan, ArmaniExchange and U.S Pollo.

Printed Boxers

Internet have evolved the simplest of clothing items to fun and quirky. These discarded and overlooked piece of clothing can add the amph to your wardrobe. These quirky, fun printed boxers are available at any clothing website, here some few- MensXP, Amazon, Myntra.