Gifts which can make your Valentine’s Day more special and authentic

14 February marked as Valentine’s Day is meant to be a day for lovers who show their love by presenting gifts to their partners. The best kind of gifts one can give is the one which has a personalized touch in them. The ones which have a message written specially for them. A small personalized gift with lots of love and care for the opposite person can also make a huge difference. As we know gifts are not about their cost but with the feelings with which we gift others. Wondering how to be different yet authentic whole gifting your loved one this Valentine’s? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here’s a list of some special gifts to turn your moment into a special one:

1. Personalized Heart Jigsaw Puzzle
It is one of the best gifts that can be gifted to your partner. It is a jigsaw puzzle where you can write your hidden message and once the partner arranges the puzzle he/she can decide your message. It is a very cute yet heartwarming gift.

2. Actual Handwriting Bracelet
This is a special gift wherein you can write a short and sweet message for your partner and that will be written on the bracelet in your handwriting only to give it a personalized touch. The bracelet can be made in gold or rose gold.

3. Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
We are all aware of the stress level these days so for that detox is and relaxation is very vital. So this is a bracelet where you can change the scent as per your mood and can choose from 8 scents requirement which will relax you total the fullest.

4. Polarquilt Jacket
This is one of the funky jackets which must be included in a man’s wardrobe. It is not only a good choice for gifting it on Valentine’s day but also a style statement when he wears it.

5. Wooden Docking Station
Instead of hustling in the morning for finding your phone, wallet, car or home keys you can gift it. This can also be customized by writing your partner’s name on the wooden thing. This giftbcan be a very useful for your partner and subtle the morning hustle.