Google invests heavily on adopting AI in workspace

The aim of the competition between Google and Microsoft is to include as much generative AI as possible into their productivity solutions. Just days before Microsoft’s “Future of Work” event, Google today announced a significant update to Workspace in addition to new developer solutions that will make Google’s foundation models—including its 540 billion-parameter PaLM large language model for multiturn chats—available to developers through an API and new low-code tools. With this release, practically every component of its productivity package will include its generative AI models.

Google intends to integrate its generative AI models into almost every aspect of Workspace, including Gmail’s email writing capabilities, Docs’ document writing (or rewriting) assistance, Sheets’ formula generation, Meet’s note-taking capabilities, and Slides’ text, image, audio, and video creation capabilities.

Here, Google promises to someday integrate AI into almost every workflow in Workspace. This can entail writing a conversational summary in a Google Documents document. Naturally, Google Chat will also acquire support for some of these capabilities since so much of this is chat-based, but so far, Google has simply stated that it would “allow processes for getting things done in Chat.”