GOT7’s JAY B and PURE.D Are Reportedly In A Relationship?

GOT7‘s JAY B and YouTuber PURE.D are said to be dating for almost 9 months

In an exclusive report from Wikitree, GOT7’s JAY B and beauty YouTuber and makeup artist PURE.D have been dating for 9 months. The two met through a mutual acquaintance and began to get to know each other. Since then, they have shared their mutual interest in art and naturally formed a relationship.

In a statement to Wikitree, both JAY B and PURE.D’s sides have confirmed their relationship.

The two are cautious because they are both in industries where their faces are known.

The two have been in a good relationship for nine months. Please continue to support them.

— Representative for both JAY B and PURE.D

While a source representing both sides JAY B and PURE.D has commented on the report, neither JAY B nor PURE.D’s agencies have officially released a statement yet.