Hair Tips For Winter 2021!

Essential tips for protecting your hair from damage in this winter


Regular Oiling

Massaging hair and scalp regularly, as in once or twice a week should be a routine in these chilly winter months as natural oils nourish hair roots and strengthen hair follicles by moisturizing the scalp and promoting blood supply in the hair roots. Oils like coconut, jaborandi, argan, Brahmi, almond, sesame, or olive can be applied, and after applying to leave the oil overnight and shampoo it off the next morning for best results.

Excessive shampooing can remove hair from these protective oils as well as the important moisture they provide. Keep the hair washes limited to once or twice a week and should use mild shampoo suitable for hair and scalp type.

Many people simply storm out of the shower after shampooing their hair and miss the very important step of applying a conditioner afterward. One should apply conditioner after shampoo for hair strength and smoothing.

Avoid Heat Styling Tools
Hair is already delicate during winter and using heat styling tools can make it frail and can cause hair breakage. Avoid blow-drying as it draws moisture out of your hair.

Hot Showers
Got shower should be avoided as a hot water shower in the freezing weather is always tempting. Hot water can remove the natural oils and moisture from the hair and makes it dry. It may also make the scalp dry and cause flakiness. Always wash your hair with lukewarm water and pour cold water at the end to seal the hair cuticles.

Whether it be skincare or hair, having a proper diet is important.
Lack of water intake in the winter can lead to dehydration, which affects hair and make it even drier. Consume a healthy, balanced diet to avoid any deficiencies of essential vitamins and nutrients that make your hair stronger.