Han Seo Hee Gets 1.5 Years Prison Sentence For Her Second Illegal Drug Offence

In the second case involving illegal drug use involving former idol trainee Han Seo Hee, the Supreme Court of South Korea upheld the district court’s initial decision on July 28. Han Seo Hee received a 1.5-year prison term for her second offence involving illegal drugs.

Han Seo Hee had previously been charged with using methamphetamine, a prohibited substance, in June 2020. She received four years of probation in 2017 for using illegal drugs in 2016, for which she was indicted while still on probation. Han Seo Hee was given a year and six months in prison in November 2021 for her second illegal drug offence by the Suwon District Court. She decided to contest the verdict and claimed that her “urine test results could not be trusted because the cup was dropped in the toilet,” refuting the charges.

Han Seo Hee had previously been charged with marijuana possession and given a three-year prison term and a four-year probationary period. After she was accused of using drugs during her probation, she was taken into custody.
In the worst scenario, Han Seo Hee may spend three years in prison because she tested positive while on probation for her prior drug charges.