Happy 75th To Vespa. Here Are Some Other Vehicles Who Completed Their Golden Jubilee

Other 50 or more years old vehicles which are still used

Recently, Vespa completed 75 years of its launch. So, Piaggio India is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Vespa brand by launching a new edition of Vespa. It will be an iconic two-wheeler that will be available across all Vespa dealerships in India till stocks last. This will be available in two engine capacity i.e. 125 cc and 150 cc. The ex-showroom prices in India would start from rupees 1.25 lakh and rupees 1.39 lakh respectively. But it is not the only longest-running vehicle in use as some other vehicles also have completed more than 50 years of their launch are still loved and used by people. The number one in the list is 1884 De Dion-Bouton Et Treparadoux Dos – A – Dos steam Runabout, which is the world’s oldest car still running and drivable. It is a steam-powered car that is 9 feet long and weighs around 2100 pounds.

The next in the list is of a plane named, TUPOLEV TU -95 which was launched in 1956 having a length of 151 feet and weighed around 90000 kgs. A ship named ALMIRANTS GRAU ( PERU) which was launched in 1939 having a length of 614 feet has a capacity of displacement of around 10000 tons. Similarly, another famous plane B-52 Stratofortress stroke roaches, was introduced in 1955 having a diameter of 159 feet in length and weighs around 83.250 kgs. The next player in the race is tank M3 Stuart (Paraguay) launched in 1941 having a length and weight of around 15.10 feet and 15.200 kgs respectively. A British ship named USS CONSTITUTION FRIGATE launched in 1797 is also still loved, which has a displacement of around 2200 turns. PARNABIA(U-17) launched in 1937, is 180 feet long and holds a capacity of displacing around 620 tons. We cannot miss out on mentioning ANTONOVAN-2  (North Korea) which was launched in 1947 having the length of 40 feet and can carry around 3300 kgs. It can be considered that the aforementioned automobiles are the horses of the long run.