Happy Meals are more merrier than ever- McDonald’s has created a wonderland for kids

A meal filled with stories and imagination to be creative

Probably a student has created a new face for Mc Donald’s Happy meal and this will make the kids very happy and enjoyable at times of outing. She is a graphic designer who has brought the origins of graphic designing that is origami. A very beautiful way to bring back childhood memories. This girl from Malaysia has incurred huge popularity for her origami skills. Her name is Regina Lim and her vision is to give sustainable living; create an environment non-toxic and safe from global warming. She has here website that is open to all and sees the new definition of visionaries towards the ecosystem.

The current Happy Meal box does not have enough space for the drink and toy, therefore using up more paper bags and packaging per order. The original packaging is also single-use and does not serve any purpose which turns into the trash after consumption.


This Happy Meal aims to be more sustainable compared to the original Happy Meal by removing all plastic toys or any other. Educational elements like infographics and AR elements are printed on the undersides of the packaging, making it educational and interactive. The Happy Meal toys and display animals can be used to interact with the packaging – leaving no part of this packaging to go to waste and eliminating single-use packaging that turns into the trash after consumption.  The aim is to maximize packaging materials as the outer sleeve and inner box can be printed on one paper that is easily folded and assembled into the packaging without glue. This packaging is also bigger and more compact to fit in the nuggets, fries, drink, toys, and other components, all in one box, that prevents wasting more packaging materials.