Hardik Pandya talks about the positive mindset inculcated by Rohit Sharma and Rahul Dravid, tap to know more

Hardik Pandya’s comeback has been phenomenal and dominating so far. The confidence with which he enters the field and masters the game is truly amazing but who does the all-rounder give credit for the success? Let us find out:

“Ro (Rohit Sharma) gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom which is his strength throughout his captaincy stint whenever I have played with him,” Pandya said after India’s seven-wicket win in the third T20I. A lot of credit goes to him and Rahul Dravid the way they have got the team together and making sure a lot of positive mindset comes in and players are feeling secure; they are not looking over their shoulder; making sure they are getting ample chances; they are getting told as well if they are not playing, and that is something which is commendable,” Pandya said.

” We were all having a chat about how we should go about the slow wicket, do we still want to continue this style of play, and he gave us the freedom, saying that you know what, forget about the results, we are trying something new, we are going to make mistakes, we are going to learn from it, but what we have been doing for five-six years, we are going to go away from that, and make sure that we try everything and all options that are available, and when it comes to the World Cup, we’ll know how to play.” he added.