Head Of National Space Council Is Backlashed For Popularity

Politics now features budding actors for NASA’s educational programs

America is seen as a land of opportunities and who knows who gets this opportunity. The most powerful country with strong mindsets has given a moment to question its ability to run the United States. One event that is making a stir in the world is Kamala Harris the Vice President and Head of the National Space Council in question for bringing kids who are actors to the space observatory. This is not taken well by the people and they are criticizing for such an act. Some are commenting that it is not fair enough for kids who desire or deserve to be a part of this session. Among the top influential person doesn’t live up to the expectation of her people and everything seems to be scripted. The entire video looks like it is scripted and a treasure hunt show is going on.

It is confirmed that the selection of the children in the video was reached out to various sources, including casting websites, to find them. The video led to the mockery of Harris by some Republicans, who have taken shots at the White House for staging the event. The visit took place in August, and the video was posted by NASA on 7th October for World Space Week. Reports show after the video came out revealed that at least one of the five children with Harris had auditioned for the role. Two of the other children are reportedly working actors.

The vice president’s office did not select the kids who participated in the YouTube Originals special, a White House official told The Hill on Tuesday.

The casting process for this show was no different from typical unscripted children’s shows across other networks and streaming platforms. YouTube selected the kids that were featured. We reached out via not-for-profit organizations, social media, and traditional casting websites, looking for kids who were interested in contributing positively to their communities.”

The video does not identify the kids with Harris other than by their first names. It introduces them as Trevor from Monterey, Calif.; Emily from Westwood, N.J.; Derrick from St Louis, Mo.; Zhoriel from Lafayette, La.; and Sydney from Iowa City, Iowa.

One of the children, Trevor Bernardino from Monterey, California told the local news correspondent that he auditioned for his role in the video, which involved sending in a video of him talking about his passions and questions he would ask a world leader. He then said his interviewing skills were tested before his agent called him to say he got the role.

“All five of them are actors,” Carlo Bernardino told the Washington Examiner. His son Trevor was featured in the show alongside Derrick Brooks II, a child actor, Emily Kim, likewise a child actor, Zhoriel Tapo, a child actor and aspiring journalist who has interviewed former First Lady Michelle Obama, and Sydney Schmooke.

One of the girls in the video Emily Yun Kim is a child actor merely 13yrs old doing commercials and voice-over artist and is linked with one of the casting agency Take3Talent.

The boy Trevor also a child artist has his youtube channel for cookery and is associated with casting agency Clear Talent Group.