Heart throbbing adventurous activities to do in Sikkim

You cannot be disappointed if you are looking forward for adventure activities in Sikkim. This Indian mountain destination is known for its natural beauty and great culture. The alpine forests, glaciers, and the brilliant hills will captivate all of your senses quite surely. However, that’s not the only thing that you can expect in Sikkim. The best things to do in Sikkim are as follows:

1. Goecha La Trek
The journey to the height of 4940 m is surely one of the best trekking experiences you can imagine. It takes you about 10 days to complete the full trekking path, at the end of which you will be welcomed by the clearest and most majestic view of the Kanchenjunga. During the trek, you will cross other great summits, rivers, and green forests. The trek starts from Yuksom which is 6 hours’ car ride from NJP railway station. Goecha La Trek is one of the most sought-after activities in Sikkim and is counted among the best.

2. Rafting in Teesta river
The lifeline of Sikkim is the Teesta River. The river creates the perfect setting for Adventure in Sikkim with rafting. The adventure enthusiasts must take part in this exciting activity. Rafting can be also done by the people who don’t know to swin as there are are two options available. There are experts always there so there is no ambiguity regarding the risk element.

3. Paragliding in Gangtok
Its is one the very less places in India where paragliding can be done. And there is no doubt why is it becoming the most popular adventure activity in Gangtok and a few other parts in Sikkim. The thrill and the exciting feeling of freedom are two things that make gliding a preferred sport for the adventure enthusiasts and also there are experts who help you train before the actual paragliding. The view from the sky is just breathtaking.

4. Bunjee jumping at Singshore bridge
At a height of 198 meters this is the longest bridge in Sikkim. If you want to experience the joy and thrill of jumping from a suspended bridge then this is a must place to visit on your trip to north east. The bridge offers a wonderful greenery view as it connects two mountains. To enjoy it to the fullest there are experts appointed to guide you. Jumping is one of the most sought-after activities in Sikkim.

5. Kangchenjunga base camp trek
This trek will be 11 days long to cover a distance of 90km and the trekking route is just moderately tough. Considered as one of the most fulfilling trek it gives a amazing opportunity to explore the Kangchenjunga. The trek starts from Yuksom and ends in Bakkhim. The trail changes in beauty and geography ever few hours. People around the world take up this trek and have a mesmerizing experience.